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UBER challenging: Innovate on Purpose

Even super stars companies hit the occasional bump-in-the-road. This unfortunately is the case with transportation disruptor, UBER. Scandals have rocked the organization most of the year and recently forced CEO Travis Kalanick to step down from the company he founded. We are hopeful that UBER’s next CEO will course correct and we support her/his efforts to focus the company’s next major innovation on purpose and values. Here’s where UBER stands today (6/23/2017) …

UBER‘s Mission Statement:

In pursuit of our simple mission — transportation as reliable as running water everywhere and for everyone — we aspire to transform the way people connect with their communities, revolutionizing the way they move, work and live

UBER‘s Vision:

UberEverywhere — a bold idea that no matter where you are, a reliable ride with Uber is just 5 minutes away

UBER‘s Core Company Values (from secondary sources):

Note: Most secondary sources insist that UBER has 14 company values, and while we have never seen an complete list from UBER itself, most news outlet site varying versions of the following:

1) Let Builders Build,

2) Always Be Hustlin’,

3) Meritocracy and Toe-Stepping,

4) Principled Confrontation;

5) Make bold bets

6) Celebrate cities

7) Make magic

8) super pumped-ness

9) Optimistic leadership

10) being yourself

11) champion’s mindset

12) obsessed with customer


Mission and Vision

Company Culture / Core Values =

Recommended Changes:

Source(s) Disclaimer:

We have a strong preference for primary sources (i.e. direct statements issued from the company) when citing purpose/mission/vision/values. We believe that the wording and accessibility these statements are THE BEST indicator of the company’s commitment to operating a purposeful organization. Often times primary sources are not easily accessible via normal channels (websites, sec filings, job postings, executive interviews, etc) in which case we rely on secondary sources (aka hearsay). We usually caution against relying too heavily on secondary sources. Please contact us at with any comments, corrections, or updates.

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