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WD40's Purpose, Mission & Values

WD40's Higher Purpose:

To create positive lasting memories in everything we do.

WD40's Mission Statement:

Our mission is to deliver unique, high-value and easy to use solutions for a wide variety of maintenance needs in workshops, factories and homes.

WD40's Core Values:

(Forced Ranked)

1) We value doing the right thing.

2) We value creating positive lasting memories in all our relationships.

3) We value making it better than it is today.

4) We value succeeding as a tribe while excelling as individuals.

5) We value owning it and passionately acting on it.

6) We value sustaining the WD40 company economy.


Source(s) Disclaimer:

We have a strong preference for primary sources (i.e. direct statements issued from the company) when citing purpose/mission/vision/values. We believe that the wording and accessibility these statements are THE BEST indicator of the company’s commitment to operating a purposeful organization. Often times primary sources are not easily accessible via normal channels (websites, sec filings, job postings, executive interviews, etc) in which case we rely on secondary sources (aka hearsay). We usually caution against relying too heavily on secondary sources. Please contact us at with any comments, corrections, or updates.

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