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Engagement Plan

Our approach to working with our partners and clients


Let's get started

Build relationships

Invest in long term relationships

Tell us anything & everything, we’re listening (& asking questions)

We play back what we heard, in writing

We check for understanding

Vision for the future: discuss desired outcomes, possibilities, growth potential, etc. 

Develop a broader context by connecting with internal & external stakeholders

Determine who’s impacted by the situation

Connect with all relevant stakeholders

Validate early assumptions and uncover inherent bias

Articulate an objective assessment of the situation from multiple points of view 

- playback a thoughtful summary to all stakeholders

- highlight gaps and inconsistencies

Focus our vision: establish consensus and priority around short and long term objectives


Understand the Business NEED

Where are we headed

Understand your market, industry, challenges and opportunities

Understand the facts, data, and metrics driving your business

Create a map of your industry

Locate you on that industry map

Identify your current heading and your desired heading

Describe relevant market dynamics that will impact your position

Work with your pace and your timing

Quantify environmental factors

We drive to deep understanding by answering killer questions about your business and industry

Examples of Killer Questions:

What is the addressable market size of your category?

What are the key drivers of purchase and use behavior?

What product characteristics are most important to users, decision makers, distributors?

How satisfied are users, purchase decision makers, and distributors in the category?

What are the risks that make your product vulnerable to competition?

What combination of factors have the biggest impact on your bottom line?


Diagnose root Causes

What's the real source of pain

Organize, analyze and evaluate the data

Create a direct and objective statement of what’s working and what’s not

Describe gaps, inefficiencies and patterns of behavior

Quantify the value consumers see in each of your product's features & benefits

Generate price elasticity curves

Anticipate future trends and market disruptions

Report findings in plain English

Uncover deeper truths

What’s driving the consumer behaviors in your market and industry

What underlying factors have the biggest impact on future success

What real needs do your products and services satisfy

What concrete steps can you take to connect your solutions with the people who understand them the best (i.e. their best-match stakeholders)

Your Bottom Line: Fix the current problems, avoid future ones

Create a go-forward strategy


Create a custom plan of attack

We will help create a customized plan of attack with specific focus on:

- quick wins

- long-term sustainability of your business

- timing that works at your pace

Communicate with stakeholders

Develop narratives that resonate with each of your stakeholders

Outline process/methods for maximum impact with best-match stakeholders

Design and Plan New Products

Identify optimal product features, benefits, and configurations

Generate technical documentation

Negotiate strategic partnerships for sourcing, logistics, and sales/distribution

Establish stage-gate and new product introduction (NPI) processes

Facilitate durable change

Produce strategies to establish durable change across the organization, including specifics on:


Feedback and follow-up




Assist through the implementation phase as you see fit

Facilitate relationships with subject matter experts

CCG can also introduce and/or manage relationships with highly compatible vendor/partner/subject matter   experts (SME) in categories such as:



Legal and contract review


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