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Market Intelligence

Understand your market and your best match consumers


Consumers are people, and people have human needs.

Market intelligence is about understanding the market, and the market is about understanding people.   Who are they? Where do they live?  What are their behaviors? What features do they value in a product or service? And what do they want from a responsible corporate citizen?  

Now more than ever, people ”vote” with economic dollars. Are you connecting effectively with the people you want to reach the most?

We’ve spent more than 50 years translating market intelligence into business decisions that produce quantifiable results.  We combine proven statistical methods with deep human understanding to connect your company with the consumers who will benefit most from your solution.

Design the winning products & services for your consumers

R&D Support and guidance


Options are infinite, resources are not.  Where should we invest our time, energy and capital?  What do consumers value most?

We bring you the clear and unbiased voice of the consumer. We show which features they value most, and help you develop a go-to-market strategy with quantifiable results.

Your R&D goes from guessing to knowing. 

Your consumer goes from problem to solution.



Streamline the process from initial sourcing to final delivery

Procurement & Supply chain optimization


Great companies ship products and deliver services that delight their consumers.  Profitable companies do this efficiently.  And nobody does it alone.

A team of employees, suppliers, vendors, agents and channel partners are critical to the success of every significant company on earth.  These relationships come with costs, contracts and a host of unique challenges.  We’ve been there, we negotiate those contracts, and we build those lasting win-win relationships.


Facilitate durable change

Solidify gains with best practices in communication, organizational structure, and leadership


A company that is growing is a company that is changing.

Successful companies embrace those changes and become better versions of themselves.  Their employees understand the reasons for change, they understand their individual roles and they embrace the challenges that lie ahead.   

This is no accident. High functioning teams work and play together to build the bonds necessary to thrive.  Great leaders further empower those teams by investing in people.

We’ve worked in those companies, on these teams, and we understand how to effectively listen, push back and ultimately win broad level buy-in from all stakeholders.

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