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Partner bios

Deb Beers

My first best friend was a tennis racquet.  I took it with me everywhere I went. My family had to endure hours of hearing tennis balls hitting the garage door while I dreamed of one day playing with the masters of the sport. I loved how the strategy and patterns of the game made my brain feel.  When I was 19, I won the Iowa State University Varsity Tennis Team Walk on Tournament and made the sport my home.  Simultaneously, I discovered that identifying patterns of behavior through statistics and market research was my calling. Eventually nirvana would be going beneath the statistics to fully understand the why behind what people do.


Grounded in mid-western values and accompanied by the belief that I could do anything I set my mind to, I charted a course to become the most skillful Market Intelligence Professional in the world and to apply that expertise in a way that helps people and businesses grow.   


My career as a Market Intelligence and later Strategic Planning, Brand Building, and Product Innovation Executive took me around the world and through the ranks of some of the world’s most legendary brands, including Abbott Laboratories, Michelin, and Kimberly-Clark Corporation (Huggies, Kotex, Poise, Depend).  


After the sudden loss of my husband, I realize life is short and we’re all on the clock.  I have made a choice to engage with people who have a passion and desire to develop a bold vision and a play to win approach.  


The forming of Campfire Consulting Group is a dream come true!  Find me on Linked-in.

Paul Pine

For as long as I can remember I’ve been fascinated by how things work.  When I was 6 years old my father showed me how to take apart an old rotary telephone and it BLEW. MY. MIND!  I couldn’t believe how a few relatively simple building blocks (some wire, magnets, a couple of springs, and an electrical signal) came together to connect the entire world.  That curiosity and passion led me to study engineering at MIT and Stanford.


My career as an engineer and operations manager took me around the world and through the ranks of some of world’s most respected companies, including Michelin and Apple.  Over many projects and product launches I eventually realized that “things” don’t work if people don’t work.  From there, I became fascinated with the human experience and answering the question “what motivates us”?  Beyond money and materialism what truly motivates people?  I believe the answers lies in finding our purpose, and putting that purpose in action.   I am humbled and honored to be part of the original campfire consulting team.  Find me on Linked-in.

Alex Zuccarelli

I believe there's a general recognition that sports metaphors permeate our society and can dominate business discussions. That being said, I've always considered myself a "quant jock." For baseball enthusiasts, I'm a five tool player when it comes to business strategy - where the five tools are business planning, data analytics, competitive intelligence, financial analysis and operations optimization. A home run to me is seeing a client or partner enjoy the success they've been working toward.


I've been fortunate to live in all four continental U.S. time zones. I was an undergrad at Northwestern University and did my MBA at New York University, and after a couple of work assignments came back to live again in my native city of Denver, Colorado.


When I'm not thinking about, well, people and numbers, I'm spending time with my wife and our two Labrador Retrievers. One of our boys, Oliver, has some special needs, and I can say that hands down he has taught me the most about patience, hope and unconditional love, while our other boy, SB, shows how to live every day with compassion and understanding for his brother. These lessons are absent of spoken or written words and we feel lucky that we have these two special dogs in our life. My goal is to always take the "puppy skills" out into the world each day and infuse them into every interaction.  Find me on Linked-in.

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